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Welcome to the Portsmouth & South East Hants CAMRA Pub Guide

To find a pub:

Either click a pub sign and click 'Show' in the popup window


= Pub that sells Real Ale.
= Pub that sells locally brewed Real Ale.
= Pub that has not yet been surveyed.
= Pub that does not sell Real Ale.
= Pub that is currently closed.
= Brewery that brews Real Ale.
= A small number of pubs/breweries here
= A number of pubs/breweries here
= A large number of pubs/breweries here
or click the appropriate 'List' button to display all the pubs in that area (if you want to search for pubs in a specific town or post code, enter the post code or select the town from the list first). You can enter part of the post code (eg. PO5) for a more general search. If you have selected a town or post code, select the pub from the list of those in the area you have selected. Click the 'Show' button to dispaly the pub details. If none are shown, we don't have any details of pubs in that area (if you know of one, please let us know).
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Choose pub
Pub that sells Real Ale.
Pub that sells locally brewed Real Ale.
Pub that has not yet been surveyed.
Pub that does not sell Real Ale.
Pub that is currently closed.

The guide is not yet complete, as it will take us some time to survey 408 pubs. We have decided to launch the guide now as we have details of sufficient pubs in some of the more populated parts of the branch area. We apologise if the pub you wish to visit is not fully listed, but we are working on it. Pubs that have not yet been surveyed are shown in blue in the list.

Pub details can change rapidly. We therefore cannot accept responsibility for any inconvenience caused due inaccuracies in this guide. We make every effort to check the details when the pub is surveyed and will update the guide when we are aware of any changes. If you notice that anything in this guide has changed, please fill in the feedback form or e-mail us the details. We will check them out and update the guide as soon as we can. It would also be helpful to us if you could tell us if you are the licensee (or involved with running the pub), a regular customer or an occasional visitor. Also, if a pub that you think is in our branch area is not listed please let us know so we can add it to our database.

This page last updated: 26 Oct 2023
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