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What is LocAle?

LocAle is a CAMRA initiative to promote locally-brewed beers. There is an increasing interest in 'food miles' and reducing carbon footprints, so there is good reason for pubs to be supplied with beer brewed nearby.

How local is local? /

A good question. Each branch in CAMRA can determine how far (by road) a brewery can be from a pub in order to be considered local. As our branch covers both urban and rural areas, we have decided that any brewery within about 30 miles of a pub is local.

How does a pub qualify?

Simple. Sell a locally brewed Real Ale. The pub may also sell Real Ales from breweries in other parts of the country and even national brands, but as long as a local beer is always (within reason) available, it qualifies. It doesn't matter if it's always the same beer or a regularly changing range, as long as it's always local, it counts.

What can we do?

Promote these pubs. They are all listed here and each pub is supplied with publicity material including posters, window stickers, pump clip headers and leaflets.

What can you do?

Visit these pubs and enjoy a pint or 2 of locally-brewed Real Ale. You can also recommend pubs to us that you think should be included in the scheme (and any that you think should be removed) by clicking here.

Our 46 LocAle pubs

Old Lodge Hotel, 81 The Avenue, Alverstoke, (Tel: (023) 9252 2572)
First Post, High Street, Cosham, (Tel: (023) 9221 0331)
Bakers Arms, High Street, Droxford, (Tel: (01489) 877533)
Blue Bell, 29 South Street, Emsworth, (Tel: (01243) 373394)
Crown, 40 West Street, Fareham, (Tel: (01329) 241750)
Foresters Arms, 61-63 Anns Hill Road, Anns Hill, Gosport, (Tel: (023) 9235 2592)
Three Tuns, 133 Elson Road, Elson, Gosport, (Tel: (023) 9258 4031)
Five Alls, 75 Forton Road, Forton, Gosport, (Tel: (023) 9378 2303)
Fallen Acorn Brewery Bar, Unit 7, Clarence Wharf Industrial Estate, Mumby Road, Gosport, (Tel: (023) 9307 9927)
Vine, 64 Stoke Road, Newtown, Gosport, (Tel: (023) 9250 4547)
Wheelwright's Arms, 27 Emsworth Road, Havant, (Tel: (023) 9247 6502)
Bird In Hand, 269 Lovedean Lane, Lovedean, (Tel: (023) 9259 1055)
Townhouse, 28 High Street, Petersfield, (Tel: (01730) 265630)
Eastfield, 124 Prince Albert Road, Eastney, Portsmouth, (Tel: (023) 9275 0102)
Fort Cumberland, 125 Eastney Road, Eastney, Portsmouth, (Tel: (023) 9286 4944)
Brewhouse & Kitchen, 26 Guildhall Walk, Landport, Portsmouth, (Tel: (023) 9289 1340)
Artillery Arms, Hester Road, Milton, Portsmouth, (Tel: (023) 9273 3610)
Rose In June, 102 Milton Road, Milton, Portsmouth, (Tel: (023) 9282 4191)
Staggeringly Good Brewery Bar, Unit 3, St George's Industrial Estate, Rodney Road, Milton, Portsmouth, (Tel: (023) 9229 7033)
Sir John Baker, 80 London Road, North End, Portsmouth, (Tel: (023) 9262 7960)
Thatchers, 95 London Road, North End, Portsmouth, (Tel: (023) 9266 2146)
Admiral Drake, 8 Kingston Crescent, Rudmore, Portsmouth, (Tel: (023) 9265 1599)
Barley Mow, 39 Castle Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, (Tel: (023) 9282 3492)
Duke Of Devonshire, 119 Albert Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, (Tel: (023) 9282 3682)
Eldon Arms, 11-17 Eldon Street, Southsea, Portsmouth, (Tel: (023) 9229 7963)
Hole In The Wall, 36 Great Southsea Street, Southsea, Portsmouth, (Tel: (023) 9229 8085)
Lawrence Arms, 63 Lawrence Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, (Tel: (023) 9282 1280)
Lord Palmerston, 84 - 90 Palmerston Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, (Tel: (023) 9272 8000)
Meat & Barrel, 110 - 114 Palmerston Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, (Tel: (023) 9217 6291)
Northcote Hotel, 35 Francis Avenue, Southsea, Portsmouth, (Tel: (023) 9278 9888)
Rutland Arms, 205 Francis Avenue, Southsea, Portsmouth, (Tel: (023) 9275 1221)
Southsea Village, 81 Palmerston Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, (Tel: (023) 9282 2592)
Waterhole Bar, Students' Union Building, Cambridge Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, (Tel: (023) 9284 3650)
Wave Maiden, 36 Osborne Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, (Tel: (023) 9217 8878)
Wine Vaults, 41-47 Albert Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, (Tel: (023) 9286 4712)
Mother Shipton, 223 Twyford Avenue, Stamshaw, Portsmouth, (Tel: (023) 9266 0453)
White Lion, School Hill, Soberton, (Tel: (01489) 877346)
Golden Lion, High Street, Southwick, (Tel: (023) 9221 0437)
Cricketers, 1 Church Road, Steep, (Tel: (01730) 261035)
Elm Tree Inn, Swanwick Lane, Swanwick, (Tel: (01489) 579818)
Queen's Head, 13 High Street, Titchfield, (Tel: (01329) 842154)
Wheatsheaf, 1 East Street, Titchfield, (Tel: (01329) 842965)
Thomas Lord, High Street, West Meon, (Tel: (01730) 829244)
Greens, The Square, Wickham, (Tel: (01329) 833197)
Roebuck, Kingsmead, Wickham, (Tel: (01329) 832150)
Wickham Bar & Bistro, The Square, Wickham, (Tel: (01329) 832732)

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