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Reduce VAT for the hospitality sector to no more than 10%

Still 98107 signatures needed!

Reduce VAT for the hospitality sector to no more than 10%

We would like a reduction in VAT for the hospitality sector in order to support hospitality businesses, many of which are struggling through no fault of their own.

If you haven't done so, please sign the petition here to add your support.

The map shows all Parliamentary constituencies in our branch area. Click a marker to see how many people in that constituency have signed.

The red line shows the branch border.

Full Pints

Full Pint

How often have you gone into a pub for a pint and been given a glass that's got an inch of froth in it? Youasked for a pint, you paid for a pint so why didn't you get a pint? For thefull story, and what you can do about it, visit our national web site at
Or you could go to another pub that does give you a full pint when you askfor one.
You can also write to your local Trading Standards office. If there areenough complaints, perhaps the industry WILL realise that we aren't happy withthe current situation and the Government will keep to its promise to protectyou and me from short measure.
And, of course, you can join CAMRA and help us to campaign. To join on-line,visit our national web site.

Save Your Local

Save your Local

With a new Prime Minister now in place, and the Chancellor presenting the UK Government's Autumn Budget Statement on 17 November, our pubs, clubs, brewers, and cider makers are in need of urgent support. It is vital that the Government takes action to make sure they can keep the lights on this winter - and beyond. Email your MP to ask for support on this.

High Street Rental Auctions

In 2017 CAMRA helped win landmark planning protection for pubs in England, but this is under threat from a new Government proposal that would give permitted development rights for vacant high street pubs. High Street Rental Auction proposals could see developers convert high street pubs, with no way for communities to have their say. Email your MP today and ask them to stand up for high street pubs.

High street pubs could be converted to other uses, divided up into multiple units, or gutted of their bars, cellars or other integral fittings as part of the Government’s latest levelling up plans. We need as many people as possible to get involved by emailing their MPs and asking them to ensure that community venues aren’t turned over to the highest bidder.

You can find out more here: or e-lobby your MP at

Pubs Welcoming Creativity

The British Guild of Beer Writers is holding a peer-support network meeting on 22 November for pubs who woulfd like to host creative activities by various local groups. If you run a pub who would be interested in this, details are on their website.

Small Producer Relief Survey

If you run a brewery or are a cider producer that produces products of less than 8.5% ABV and your total production is less than 4,500 hectolitres of pure alcohol across your entire range, help to gather information for the Small Producer Relief. You can find more information (and a link to the survey) on our National Website.

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